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What We Do

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Your Trusted Partner

D.H. Griffin provides responsible demolition and environmental solutions to build thriving communities and create opportunities for progress for current and future generations. We are committed to working safely and sustainably, upholding the highest standards to protect people and the planet. Our services include expert demolition, abatement, remediation, and recycling to help customers repurpose properties and preserve resources. We deliver on our promise through innovative techniques, advanced equipment, and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to excellence.

Our Services:

Demolition: Specializing in structural, selective, and interior demolition, we're dedicated to providing safe, timely, and cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs. We've been instrumental in successful large-scale projects, and one of the nation's most impressive fleets of advanced demolition machinery. Our investment in equipment provides for a safer and more efficient project. 

Environmental abatement: Incorporating an extensive array of services like asbestos abatement, UST removal, industrial cleaning and lead-based paint removal, our work sets the industry standard for environmental safety and responsibility.

Recycling: Our recycling solutions reflect the embodiment of our commitment to sustainable and green practices. By repurposing and recycling demolition debris, scrap metal, and concrete we contribute actively to the circular economy.

Emergency Response: We have the team to help when disaster strikes. We are able to mobilize within 24 hours to respond to disasters of all types including fires, explosions, collapses, natural disasters, and terrorism.

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