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Safety Is Our Culture


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Safety Program

At D.H. Griffin of Texas, Inc., our safety program is one of strength, which meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA and other Federal, State and Local requirements, and has proven to be one of the best in our industry.  Hazards and liability are inherent in our industry, that is why each project that we perform has a safety program tailored to our clients needs. Safety and environmental procedures are built in from the bidding and planning stages for each individual project, each step of a project is evaluated and safety and environmental procedures are developed prior to the start of work. Our safety program is predictive and proactive and is centered around SIF and pSIF which are Serious Incident and Fatality or Potential to cause Serious Incident or Fatality. 

Once a project has been awarded, safety begins with the instructions we give our staff before the start of work through a site specific safety plan and a job hazard analysis. Before the start of work each day, and before each task, our team completes Pre-Task Plans(PTPs) and our safety team regularly conducts site audits to improve the safety of our team. This safety-focused approach continues through to the completion with hands on training and instructions at various levels.  Procedures are planned in order to eliminate the risk of personal injury, damage to the environment and property. Learn more about D.H. Griffin's safety record in the below video:


Inaugural Demolition Award in Safety

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D.H. Griffin of Texas Inc, was awarded the inaugural Demolition Award in Safety. The award is an international award instituted by KHL Publishing, Company the publisher of the Demolition & Recycling International magazine with cooperation from the European Demolition Association (EDA) from the UK, The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) of the UK and The National Demolition Association (NDA) from the United States. This is the first Safety Award to recognize Demolition Companies from around the world. D.H. Griffin of Texas, Inc was nominated in the category of Demolition Safety along with three demolition contractors from the UK. At the EDA autumn conference held on November 6, 2009 in Amsterdam the Netherlands D.H. Griffin of Texas, Inc received the Safety Award.

D.H. Griffin of Texas, Inc was recognized for its outstanding Safety record in man-hours worked and for achieving the milestone of working 5520 days without a lost time injury. Having received this award is a great honor, and we are also honored to be recognized for our Safety performance by many organizations in the United States. We are also honored to have been recognized by many of our Clients for our Safety achievements.

Safety Awards