Our team has performed Emergency Response operations for many of our clients that have suffered catastrophic events. When called upon we can respond with in hours. We were one of the. contractors called into Mississippi after Hurricane Katina devastated the Gulf Coast Region.

D.H. Griffin was named as the lead consultant in charge of all demolition, recovery and removal operations. Including the development,oversight and approval of all demolition plans and removal for the World Trade Center Disaster of September 11, 2001 for the City of New York Department of Design and Construction.

Our team has worked with OSHA and other Governmental and Local Agencies to perform forensic investigations.

We are capable of performing any Emergency Operation small or large of any type such as fires and explosions large storms. Our staff is experienced in the coordination of all phases of and emergency situation from recovery to removal.

Our forty plus years of providing this type of service gives us the experience to assist our clients should the need ever arise.

24 hour emergency contact number 281- 831-2867