Texas Style - D.H. Griffin of Texas is a leading demolition and dismantling contractor and has the reputation and safety record to prove it.
A talented team of demolition experts "blow down" Fort Worth's Landmark Tower.
  Dykon Explosive & D. H. Griffin of Texas Team on Corpus Christi Bridge
Don't Demolish that Building - Deconstruct it
  Demolition of the Landmark Tower Building Fort Worth, Texas
  Dykon Implodes New Orleans' High-rise for D.H. Griffin of Texas. Two companies Cooperate with NIST Research.
  D.H. Griffin of Texas Clear Louisiana State Office Building
  "Empire Building"- Article from D&Ri about Ground Zero at the World Trade Center
  "From the Editor" Article from "Demolition" about the World Trade Center
  Article from Demolition magazine. Featuring the demolition of Salt Lake City, Utah Sulfuric Acid Plant Article
  From Demolition magazine. Featuring the explosive demolition of a domed roof from an Ammonia storage tank residing in an active chemical plant located in Lake Charles, La.
Environmental care was top of the agenda for demolition of a production facility situated on the bands of the St. Joseph River in Mishawaka, Indiana.
  D.H. Griffin of Texas Inc. has been awarded the inaugural Demoliton Award in Safety Excellence